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Rent & Payments

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Rent Structure

The rent of your home consists of the basic rent, plus an advance payment for service costs. The basic rent is the premium that you pay for the use of the rental home and is determined at the start of the rent. In summary, your total monthly rent is a summary of the basic rent and the service costs.

Rent Increase

Every year on July 1st, a rent increase will be implemented based on the rent change agreed in your rental contract. Findex Vastgoedbeheer is legally obliged to state the new rent amount to you 2 months before the start date of the rent increase. Therefore you will receive a letter with the rent increase before 1 May of the year in question.


From the commencement date of the rental agreement, you have a payment obligation consisting of the rental price, whether or not supplemented with additional costs described in your contract. The rent is payable in advance, this means that you must always pay the rent before or on the first day of the period to which the payment relates.