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End the Tenancy

Read all relevant information about terminating your contract.

Rental Termination

Do you have another house and would you like to end the tenancy? The notice period is one month, equal to the duration of the payment period. For example, if you plan to leave on September 1, you must cancel the rent in writing no later than the end of July of the same year, but no more than 3 months in advance.
The contract must be terminated through a registered letter which must be signed by all tenants, in addition, we ask you to send an e-mail for confirmation. The contact page on this website contains the contact details for both the registered letter and the e-mail address.
At all times, the tenant is responsible for the termination of the contract, which means that you must ensure that we receive the termination in good order. After receiving your rental cancellation, you will receive a confirmation of the cancellation within a few working days. You will also receive a message about the pre-and final inspection and key handover.

Inspection & Acceptance

Findex Vastgoedbeheer reasonably expects the tenant to deliver the house to the landlord at the end of the lease or the end of the use of the house, free of use and rights of use, properly cleaned and with all keys, key cards, etc.
As a tenant, you are obliged to remove all items that you have installed in, on, or on the home or that you have taken over from the previous tenant or user at your own expense. You are also responsible for repairing damage to walls and ceilings caused by the removal of paintings, cabinets, mirrors, etc.

Final Settlement

You will receive the final invoice (if applicable) when the tenancy agreement has been terminated and you have left the house. The final invoice is an overview of any return such as the deposit or costs as a result of the incorrect delivery of the house.