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New tenant at Findex Vastgoedbeheer

Congratulations with your new home! In the first weeks, a lot is coming your way, for a good start, a few things need to be organized. Here you will find an overview of the most important things.

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The first week

Findex Vastgoedbeheer advises you to take out legal liability and contents insurance. With these insurance policies, you are protected against risk, liability, and theft in your home.
You are also responsible for applying for gas, water, and light and for communicating the readings of the electricity and gas meters. You are free to choose an energy supplier, you cannot choose the water supplier yourself, this is determined by the law and depends on the region where you are going to live.

Delivery of the house

We try to deliver the house to you without defects. If there are delivery points and/or technical questions, then we request you to report this to us as soon as possible. Please contact us via

TV, internet, and telephone

You can arrange cable television, internet, and a telephone connection yourself with the desired provider. Keep in mind that there are costs associated with taking out a new subscription and that this can take several weeks. We ensure that a standard connection is available in your building.